About the project

Stephanie showing a watercolor paint of Mount Diablo she made plein air during a beautiful but very cold winter sunset on the Mountain.
Mount Diablo, California – Jan 2019


A11Y Toolbox provides a collection of accessibility resources, tools, and plug-ins for Designers. All resources are handpicked by Stéphanie Lespérance, a UX Principal Designer based in Washington State.

What does mean “A11Y”?

“a11y” stands for “accessibility.” It is a numeronym: “11“represents the count of the letters between the letter “a” and the letter “y.” You can pronounce it “ally.”

About the author

Stéphanie moved from Paris eight years ago where she was a Creative Director consultant. Living in a new country had been an eyeopener on the importance of providing good design to everyone.

Since she opened A11Y Toolbox, she passed the W3C Web Accessibility certification and is currently studying the IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC.)

About this website

Stéphanie created A11Y Toolbox theme with the WordPress Bootstrap Starter as a starting point. This requires front-end development skills that she enjoys to keep up to date.

A11y Toolbox uses two font families: Bariol from Atipo Fondery and Atkinson Hyperlegible from the Braille Institute

Her Secret Power: dyslexia

Stéphanie is dyslexic and English is her second language. Please, don’t be annoyed if you see weird typos!


Feel free to contact her if you have any suggestions or any recommendations.

Thank you

Warmest thanks to Antoine, Marie, Rakesh & Holly for their support in this new incredible journey 💜