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It’s illegal to have an inaccessible website in Norway

In Norway, the law requires that public and private sector websites follow the WCAG criteria. This article highlights how this law has since changed mentalities and conversations between clients, designers, and developers.

May 4, 2021
Two designers having a look at the design system that needs an update.

What is design debt?

The lesser-known cousin of the Technical Debt, the design debt gathers all the good design concepts or solutions that were skipped in order to reach short-term goals. Like usability tests, an out of date design system and... accessibility that has been neglected!

Screencopy of Voice Over's Welcome panel

An Introduction to macOS Voice Control

The Designer and A11Y advocate, Eric Bailey shows how to enable Voice Control and explains how to design for it. This article is also a great reminder about the importance of labelling buttons and icons!

Extract of the original article "Building an accessibility Library"

Building an Accessibility Library

An interesting article about how providing designers accessibility tools have helped them to apply their knowledge and develop a greater understanding of accessibility.

March 9, 2021
10 easy techniques to help others to understand accessibility

Helping others to understand accessibility

Accessibility can be challenging to explain. Here are ten easy methods to help demonstrate the barriers others face.

November 30, 2020
A study shows that most web pages have failed most have failed with ADA and WCAGC 2.1 compliance!

Study: ADA and WCAGC 2.1 failures

AccessiBe has scanned and analyzed 10 million pages worldwide, and most have failed with ADA and WCAGC 2.1 compliance!

September 15, 2020
Leonie Watson presents 3 good habits to build accessible websites

Build three positive habits!

Léonie Watson, Accessibility Engineer, explains how to build three positive habits to create an accessible website. Are you ready to start to make a real difference?

August 2, 2020