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Color Oracle

About 10% of the population - mostly males - has a form of colorblindness.
Color Oracle is a free color blindness simulator for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It shows in real time what people with common color vision impairments see.

Testing the color-contrast ratio of red vermillon with Colorable


Another good tool to test color-contrast ratio quickly.

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Accessible material design palettes with Color Tool

A classical tool, made by Google in 2014, to help you to build accessible color palette for your user interfaces and measure the accessibility of your own color combinations.

Color Review

Color Review

Find, test & explore accessible colors. A pleasant and intuitive tool to help designers to build color palettes. Certainly the tool I use the most when I'm doing visual design.

Tanaguru logo is a smilling red dragon

Tanaguru contrast finder

A tool to help designers to find color combinations that provide the best color contrast ratio.