Figma: Accessible Form Fields

If only I found this component earlier! This Figma component designed by Tom Reinert will help you to design accessible forms: its initial contrast ratio is Level AA and has easily recognizable states.

Homepage of Stark blurred to stimulate a bad bad headache

Blurred Vision simulation

Stark now offers a new feature in its plug-in for Sketch and Figma that stimulates blur vision - astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma and age-relation macular degeneration.

This option is available in the pro version of the plug-in for $60/yr.

Simulation of colorblindness


One of the most recommended Figma plug-in that stimulates various types of colorblindness. Stark can also be use to check color-contrast ratios of your designs.

Able logo


Able is one of the most recommended plug-in for Figma that helps you to measure color-contrast ratio and simulate color blindness.