Illustration of an open computer displaying Anna Cook's talk about Auditing Design Systems for Accessibility

Auditing Design Systems for Accessibility

In this Axe-Con virtual conference, Anna Cook, Senior Product Designer speaks about how to audit components for accessibility issues from design to code using plugins, best practices, and testing tools.

Devon Persing saying hello when starting her virtual talk. She is sitting behind her computer, in her home office. On the wal, behind her, some illustrations are hanged up. One is a cute pink owl and a poster saying "You are enough"

Accessibility is Hard, and Other Myths – Devon Persing

During this Accessibility Talks virtual meet-up, Devon speaks about common misconceptions about digital accessibility work and introduces ways to think about disability, assistive technology, and a more holistic approach to accessibility.

Krystie Viers who is blind, showing how she uses her iPhone

How blind people really use tech devices

Meet Kristy Viers. She does tech reviews from a blind perspective on her YouTube channel. The idea for her videos came from experiences she was having in her everyday life.

Elise Roy during her TED talk

TED: When we design for disability, we all benefit

Elise Roy's talk is not just about accessibility but how innovation stems from challenges. A must-see TED to watch and share!