Figma: Accessible Form Fields

If only I found this component earlier! This Figma component designed by Tom Reinert will help you to design accessible forms: its initial contrast ratio is Level AA and has easily recognizable states.

Disable button with a very poor contrast ratio

Disabled buttons suck

Disabled buttons create a lousy user experience and often create a big barrier for people with disabilities. Let's see what to do instead that will benefit to all users.

A lock

Stop Password Masking

Masking passwords is an old practice that’s commonly implemented in sign-up and log-in forms. But masking passwords doesn't even increase security, but it costs your company business due to login failures.

Learn how to design accessible forms

How to design an accessible form

The UX Designer, Núria Peña presents the best practices of how to make forms accessible for as many people as possible from a design perspective.

An article about the good practices to design and implement an accessible form

How to make an accessible form?

Designing a form is not that easy. These past few years we can often see that placeholder texts in the form fields are used in place of label names with fun micro-animations. But what about their accessibility?