A generous pile of red and green chili peppers

From A Colourblind Designer To The World: Please Stop Using Red And Green Together

Andrew Wilshere, a red-green colorblind, shares the most common problems he encounters when using websites and apps.

Illustration: Mark Stebnicki

Focus on Micah Bennett's article: "Beyond the Binary: 5 steps to designing gender inclusive fields in your product"

Beyond the Binary: 5 steps to designing gender inclusive fields in your product

Micah Bennett describes five steps to help designers adding more gender inclusion on the products they work on.

Inclusive Design Principles

It's just good to remember the Inclusive Design Principles. It's all about designing for all of us.

Illustration: inclusivedesignprinciples.org

Screencopy of Voice Over's Welcome panel

An Introduction to macOS Voice Control

The Designer and A11Y advocate, Eric Bailey shows how to enable Voice Control and explains how to design for it. This article is also a great reminder about the importance of labelling buttons and icons!

Example of paired cards.

Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is a practical tool to help you design more inclusively.
How to play? Deal two cards: a person and a trait. Together they make a random user scenario. You can use this scenario to test your concepts, products or from a different perspective.