Focus on DBS Interactive's article: "Web Accessibility and SEO: A Perfect Fit"

Web Accessibility and SEO: A Perfect Fit

Making a website more accessible will also boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and improves its organic search rankings.

Focus on Raghavendra Satish Peri's article: "The Captcha Conundrum & Accessible Alternatives"

The Captcha Conundrum & Accessible Alternatives

The CAPTCHA technology has evolved through the years, but it's still not accessible to all people. Good news, everyone, some accessible alternatives exist!

A generous pile of red and green chili peppers

From A Colourblind Designer To The World: Please Stop Using Red And Green Together

Andrew Wilshere, a red-green colorblind, shares the most common problems he encounters when using websites and apps.

Illustration: Mark Stebnicki

Focus on Micah Bennett's article: "Beyond the Binary: 5 steps to designing gender inclusive fields in your product"

Beyond the Binary: 5 steps to designing gender inclusive fields in your product

Micah Bennett describes five steps to help designers adding more gender inclusion on the products they work on.

David Dylan Thomas' book "Design for Cognitive bias" on a mango wood table

Design for Cognitive Biais

Ok, it's not a book exclusively about web accessibility. But, in this book, David Dylan Thomas shows us how dangerous our bias can be and guides us on how to make better invisible choices.

An illustration of a walking skeleton with a cane, wearing a judge gown and a court wig. It claims: "The only and only cardinal sin in design is not designing for the reality in which people live."

The Little Book of Accessibility

This article (it's not a proper book) wrote by Gareth Ford Williams has several different quips, tips, affirmations, and truth that worth to be read and read again.

Illustration: Gareth Ford Williams

How Manual Audits for Website Accessibility (ADA Compliance) Work

Kris Rivenburgh, an independent consultant shares his highlights about how to make a professional manual audit. I appreciate he also shares the real costs and delivery times.

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Everyone needs a good mechanic.

My friend, Nicolas Steenhout, published a few years ago a story about how his mechanic discovered why accessibility is good for business.

Giving a damn about accessibility

Sheri Byrne-Haber wrote this free practical handbook for designers about accessibility.
(PDF and audio versions)

Illustration: Passeio

Screen copy of the article "By the way, we need to make this website accessible"

By the way, we need to make this website accessible

JoLynne Martinez, like many developers or designers, heard about web accessibility only once in the field. Her story reflects the common experience met by people who want to start doing accessible code or design: finding some help and resources adapted for beginners.

Extract of the article "Simple things are complicated: making a show password option"

Simple things are complicated: making a show password option

A good article showing the complexity behind a design pattern that everyone thinks is super simple. I also appreciate the article explains what solutions the team chose to keep the form secured.

Extract of Rian Rietveld's article: "blind people don't visit my site."

Blind people don’t visit my website.

Rian Rietveld, an accessibility specialist, asked to non-disabled people what are their greatest frustrations and hurdles are while using the web. Spoiler alert: everyone benefits from an accessible web!