Screencopy of Voice Over's Welcome panel

An Introduction to macOS Voice Control

The Designer and A11Y advocate, Eric Bailey shows how to enable Voice Control and explains how to design for it. This article is also a great reminder about the importance of labelling buttons and icons!

Extract of the original article "Building an accessibility Library"

Building an Accessibility Library

An interesting article about how providing designers accessibility tools have helped them to apply their knowledge and develop a greater understanding of accessibility.

Ebook cover of Accessibility for Digital Experience

Accessibility for Digital Experiences 101

This is a comprehensive guide for those who need practical tips for designing digital products more accessible.
Personal note: even if that guide is about starting accessible digital products, I profoundly regret it was designed (and validated!) with so poor contrast-ratios!

Free e-book (pdf format)

10 easy techniques to help others to understand accessibility

Helping others to understand accessibility

Accessibility can be challenging to explain. Here are ten easy methods to help demonstrate the barriers others face.

Accessibility for Everyone

Accessibility for Everyone by Laura Kalbag

If you’d like to start with accessibility but don’t know where to start, treat yourself with this short & action-packed accessibility guidebook 😇

Leonie Watson presents 3 good habits to build accessible websites

Build three positive habits!

Léonie Watson, Accessibility Engineer, explains how to build three positive habits to create an accessible website. Are you ready to start to make a real difference?