Able logo


Able is one of the most recommended plug-in for Figma that helps you to measure color-contrast ratio and simulate color blindness.

Krystie Viers who is blind, showing how she uses her iPhone

How blind people really use tech devices

Meet Kristy Viers. She does tech reviews from a blind perspective on her YouTube channel. The idea for her videos came from experiences she was having in her everyday life.

An article about the good practices to design and implement an accessible form

How to make an accessible form?

Designing a form is not that easy. These past few years we can often see that placeholder texts in the form fields are used in place of label names with fun micro-animations. But what about their accessibility?

Leonie Watson presents 3 good habits to build accessible websites

Build three positive habits!

Léonie Watson, Accessibility Engineer, explains how to build three positive habits to create an accessible website. Are you ready to start to make a real difference?

Testing the color-contrast ratio of red vermillon with Colorable


Another good tool to test color-contrast ratio quickly.

Elise Roy during her TED talk

TED: When we design for disability, we all benefit

Elise Roy's talk is not just about accessibility but how innovation stems from challenges. A must-see TED to watch and share!

Nielsen Norman Group Logo

Is a site logo linking to the homepage enough?

Did you know that unusual logo placements can affect the navigation?

Logo of Material Design website

Accessible material design palettes with Color Tool

A classical tool, made by Google in 2014, to help you to build accessible color palette for your user interfaces and measure the accessibility of your own color combinations.

Color Review

Color Review

Find, test & explore accessible colors. A pleasant and intuitive tool to help designers to build color palettes. Certainly the tool I use the most when I'm doing visual design.

Tanaguru logo is a smilling red dragon

Tanaguru contrast finder

A tool to help designers to find color combinations that provide the best color contrast ratio.