Extract of Rian Rietveld's article: "blind people don't visit my site."

Blind people don’t visit my website.

Rian Rietveld, an accessibility specialist, asked to non-disabled people what are their greatest frustrations and hurdles are while using the web. Spoiler alert: everyone benefits from an accessible web!

Disable button with a very poor contrast ratio

Disabled buttons suck

Disabled buttons create a lousy user experience and often create a big barrier for people with disabilities. Let's see what to do instead that will benefit to all users.

A magnifying glass with an eye in the center of the glass.

It’s illegal to have an inaccessible website in Norway

In Norway, the law requires that public and private sector websites follow the WCAG criteria. This article highlights how this law has since changed mentalities and conversations between clients, designers, and developers.

May 4, 2021
Two designers having a look at the design system that needs an update.

What is design debt?

The lesser-known cousin of the Technical Debt, the design debt gathers all the good design concepts or solutions that were skipped in order to reach short-term goals. Like usability tests, an out of date design system and... accessibility that has been neglected!

Illustration of an open computer displaying Anna Cook's talk about Auditing Design Systems for Accessibility

Auditing Design Systems for Accessibility

In this Axe-Con virtual conference, Anna Cook, Senior Product Designer speaks about how to audit components for accessibility issues from design to code using plugins, best practices, and testing tools.

A11yTalk logo

Accessibility Talks

Accessibility Talks is a virtual meet-up group that started in 2017 that features speakers and conversations around the topic of digital accessibility. They share each of their monthly talks on their website and on their YouTube Channel.

Screencopy of Voice Over's Welcome panel

An Introduction to macOS Voice Control

The Designer and A11Y advocate, Eric Bailey shows how to enable Voice Control and explains how to design for it. This article is also a great reminder about the importance of labelling buttons and icons!

Presentation of Atkinson Hyperlegible typeface

A free hyperlegible typeface from the Braille Institute

The Atkinson Hyperlegible font a new typeface was designed with a greater legibility and readability for low vision readers. The Braille Institute has the generosity to make it free for anyone to use.
By the way, A11y Toolbox uses for the body content the Atkinson Hyperlegible!

Devon Persing saying hello when starting her virtual talk. She is sitting behind her computer, in her home office. On the wal, behind her, some illustrations are hanged up. One is a cute pink owl and a poster saying "You are enough"

Accessibility is Hard, and Other Myths – Devon Persing

During this Accessibility Talks virtual meet-up, Devon speaks about common misconceptions about digital accessibility work and introduces ways to think about disability, assistive technology, and a more holistic approach to accessibility.