Giving a damn about accessibility

Sheri Byrne-Haber wrote this free practical handbook for designers about accessibility.
(PDF and audio versions)

Illustration: Passeio

Making a Palette Accessible

When a designer revises an existing corporate palette for accessibility, the real challenge is to sell it to stakeholders. The Designer Colin Shanley shares his insights about testing a color palette for accessibility and how to persuade stakeholders to adopt the changes.

Illustration: Colin Shanley

Inclusive Design Principles

It's just good to remember the Inclusive Design Principles. It's all about designing for all of us.


Closed-up of wood types.

Testing fonts for accessibility

A bite-sized guide to help you chose fonts with better legibility for all.

Learn How to Build Accessible Web Apps

Wow that is a super nice initiative! Marcy Sutton offers a free six weeks email course to help you building and testing accessible web applications.


Screen copy of the article "By the way, we need to make this website accessible"

By the way, we need to make this website accessible

JoLynne Martinez, like many developers or designers, heard about web accessibility only once in the field. Her story reflects the common experience met by people who want to start doing accessible code or design: finding some help and resources adapted for beginners.

Extract of the article "Simple things are complicated: making a show password option"

Simple things are complicated: making a show password option

A good article showing the complexity behind a design pattern that everyone thinks is super simple. I also appreciate the article explains what solutions the team chose to keep the form secured.

Closed-up of wood types.

Designing Accessible Content

This complete article highlights all the design considerations and steps you’ll need to take into account to make your content more accessible.

Photo: Raphael Schaller, Unsplash

Figma: Accessible Form Fields

If only I found this component earlier! This Figma component designed by Tom Reinert will help you to design accessible forms: its initial contrast ratio is Level AA and has easily recognizable states.

Extract of Rian Rietveld's article: "blind people don't visit my site."

Blind people don’t visit my website.

Rian Rietveld, an accessibility specialist, asked to non-disabled people what are their greatest frustrations and hurdles are while using the web. Spoiler alert: everyone benefits from an accessible web!

Disable button with a very poor contrast ratio

Disabled buttons suck

Disabled buttons create a lousy user experience and often create a big barrier for people with disabilities. Let's see what to do instead that will benefit to all users.

A magnifying glass with an eye in the center of the glass.

It’s illegal to have an inaccessible website in Norway

In Norway, the law requires that public and private sector websites follow the WCAG criteria. This article highlights how this law has since changed mentalities and conversations between clients, designers, and developers.